[AppReview] Solar Charger: Trick behind the android app

[AppReview] Solar Charger: Trick behind the android app

Android smartphones have made their way to the top position of the leading smartphones board within a short span of time. The variety of features, free apps and mainly the google sync makes Android smartphone irresistible. But as with majority of the smartphones in the market today, with great features comes a great need for power.

A lot of battery saving and monitoring apps have been roaming around in the Android market lately, offering features such as battery level monitoring, battery details and saving battery life by stopping the unwanted services and processes. But recently we came across a new app which claimed to charge Android when it is exposed to sunlight, so we decided to let you the trick behind the app named Solar Charger.


1 : The app claims that it does the following.


Detects the amount of light
3 different solar panels
Vibrates when charging starts
You can prevent the device from going to sleep mode
Nice charging animation

Future updates:
More efficient solar panels up to +50%
Tablet support
Samsung support

In the pro version:
Fart sound while charging
Samsung tablet support.


2 : When you run the app, it displays a solar panel on your screen along with a battery indicator and a meter of some sort. If you are in a dark place or at night it asks you to expose your device to direct light.



3: When you place your device in direct light, the phone vibrates once and the battery indicator in the application shows as charging.



Trick Exposed


Ah come on guys, right after hearing about this app you might have thought that this is impossible, same pinch as I thought the same. How can an Android device be charged by an onscreen solar panel, if you would all have thought that it is a fake, you were right.

Just look at this screenshot of the app description from the developers themselves, when you click on read more


Ofcourse it is a fake app and it will surely not charge your smartphone battery, but it is a cool trick to show to your unsuspecting friends, trust me some of them will fall for it.

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