[HowTo] Send a Self Destructing Note to your Friends

[HowTo] Send a Self Destructing Note to your Friends

The idea of sending a self destructing mail or a self destructing note to someone is fascinating right ? You might need such a feature in you mail or note when you want to send some confidential info or a mail to your friend which you dont want to pop the content up if someone is by his side when he opens the mail. Privnote is a free web based service that allows you to send top secret notes over the internet. It’s fast, easy, and requires no password or user registration at all.



The Website is pretty self explanatory with a guide on sending the self destructing note on its home page. I too have followed the steps and have put them below.

Step 1: Create a note and get a link

In this step you type in the message which you want to self destruct in the textbox on the main page. After you are done with the message click on the Create Note button. You can also check the Notify me when this note gets read check-box, doing which you will be asked for your email address.



Step 2: Copy the link and send it to whom you want to read the note

A link is generated for your message which you can put in a mail or a message and send to the intended recipient. You also have the options for creating another note or destroying it also.




After the intended reader clicks on the link and reads the note, the note cannot be accessed from that link any more, it is destroyed. You can copy the content of the note only the first time you ever click on the link. The one disadvantage that we found with Privnote is multiple recipients cant open the links, only the first one gets to read the note, rest of them will get a message saying that the note has been destroyed if they try to open that link. So you have to create separate note links for all of the intended recepients, which is quite tedious.



Overall Privnote is a simple web based service that you can use to send self destructing notes across which is not too uselful feature but sure can be a blessing in some situations. Until next time fellas, sayonara.


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