[AppReview] Birthdays Free: Get notified for Facebook Birthdays on Android Device

[AppReview] Birthdays Free: Get notified for Facebook Birthdays on Android Device

Have you ever felt like hitting yourself for not wishing a close friend on his/her birthday? Have you ever been in an awkward situation where in a friend calls you and reminds that its his/her birthday? Have you ever felt like bad to not have been the first person to wish your friend because you forgot his/her birthday? Birthdays Free is an Android application which will keep you updated and notified about the birthdays of your friends on Facebook.An in depth review of the Birthdays Free application follows….


The Birthdays Free app for android comes with a lot of features, explained in brief below.

1: Facebook Integration

The main feature of this app is the Facebook integration that it provides. You can authenticate your Facebook account and sync all birthdays of all your friends on Facebook on to this app. You will be notified for the Birthdays of your Facebook friends.



2: Contact Birthdays

If you have added on birthday details on your phone contacts, they too will be taken into account by the application.

3: Notifications

As a default set feature, the birthdays for the day are notified on the status bar of your device. If you drag the status bar down, you can see the birthday reminders with the contact details and options to wish your dear friend on his/her birthday.

4: Miscellaneous

You can set different type of reminders like alarms, vibration etc well in advance of your friend’s birthday. You can also customize the display format, customize the days before the event reminder and also sort the contacts based on different crieria.



5: Message Templates

You can choose from a default available template messgage to wish your friends on their birthday or you can save a nice birthday wish template of your own.

6: Customizable Screen Widgets

You also get widgets of different sizes like 2×2, 3×3 etc which can adorn your screen, reminding you of the upcoming birthdays. Yo also have a lot of customizing options for your widget.



7: Other notable features

* Set time on which you have to be reminded.
* Customize notification sounds and type.
* Customize the contacts in your app displaying their age, picture, display name and so on.
* Sunsigns are displayed along with the contacts birthday.
* Element and Animal associated with the birthday are also displayed by clicking on the contact
available on the application.


Birthdays Free is a simple yet efficient app which keeps you upto date with the birthdays of your near dear ones, making sure that you wish them on their special day. The cool fetaures such as message templates, Facebook integration, widgets and customizable reminders make it a good to have app. It has pretty much all the features that a simple birthday reminder app should have


Our Rating: 4.5/5

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