Find and delete duplicate images in your system

When you have gigabytes of image data in your system, it becomes difficult to manage them. With high resolution cameras, size of images are huge.

We do post processing on the images, modify them the way we want, put selected images to picasa etc. In these operations , there are possibilities of duplicate images getting created in the syatem.

“Dup Detector” is an application that helps you to find duplicate images in the system. And you can also selectively delete them.

the software finds duplicates, not by filenames but by the data . It displays the percentage of match, you can compare the images and delete them

Duplicate images often find their way into collections, even commercial stock collections. Now you can clean them of duplicates and near duplicates. Search a folder (including subfolders) for duplicate and near duplicate images. Match all images or restrict match to same size or same aspect ratio. Dup Detector creates a data file by opening and reading image pixel data for each image in your collection. It then finds duplicates by % match and displays matching pairs from a log file. You may delete a duplicate at any time.
Supports 9 image file formats (jpg, bmp, png, tif, pcx, tga, wmf, emf, psp).
This freeware version requires all images to be in one folder (or subfolders).
(MFC42.dll must exist on your system)


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One thought on “Find and delete duplicate images in your system

  1. Dup detector works in windows PC and really effective and usable for all who want to check duplicate photos on windows. if you are looking iOS or Apple instead of windows what to do. I think you can use another app for Mac user is Delete duplicate photos and also remove duplicate in Mac devices

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