How to Mirror Android Device Using Airdroid

How to Mirror Android Device Using Airdroid

Those were the good old days of Nokia feature phones which had their own Nokia PC Suite application to remotely access the phone’s content and notifications through cable or Bluetooth connectivity. Now that android has conquered the smart phone segment, PC interface for the phone was the most neglected area until the arrival of Airdroid. Early versions of Airdroid provided browser interface to the Phones’ file system, apps, messages, and contacts. Now, with the refreshingly new update (Airdroid 3), Airdroid changed the scenario by providing not only PC client for android and also mirroring service for the phone. Currently, this is still in beta phase and works only on the rooted phones.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s jumpstart to the steps for mirroring your Android phone to PC using Airdroid.

1. Download and install Airdroid for PC from and install Airdroid app for android from Play Store.

2. Connect your PC to the Wi-Fi network.

3. Sign in to your Airdroid account from the PC client (If you don’t have any account, create one by signing up).

New Picture

4.Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the Airdroid application and add device to the Airdroid account as shown in the below image.


5. Open the desktop client of Airdroid and click the profile icon on top left corner of the window (indicated in red circle). Connected Android device will show up in “My Devices” listing (indicated in red square).


6. Click the device icon, following screen will appear in order.

New Picture (2)          New Picture (3)

7. As indicated in the above screen, on your phone’s screen, grant super user access for Airdroid.


8. If the following screen appears on your PC screen, just click Retry.

New Picture (4)

Well, that’s all. You see your phone screen is mirrored to your pc screen.

New Picture (1)

Now, you have whole control of your phone under your mouse tips. Whatever operation you perform on your phone will be replicated on the PC screen and vice versa.

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