[HowTo] Sync Android Calendar with your Facebook Calendar

[HowTo] Sync Android Calendar with your Facebook Calendar

Recently few of my friends who took a look at my phone asked me a commom question after taking a look at my Android calendar. ” How Can I Sync my Android Calendar with my Facebook Calendar ? “. The answer is quite simple actually, but I thought I will put it in a neat step by step approach down here.

Step 1: Open your Android Calendar and then navigate to Menu > Settings > Calendar Sync



Step 2: Please click on the Add Account button at the bottom of the screen



Step 3: Click on the Facebook icon among the options. You will be asked to authenticate your Facebook account.



Step 4: After successfully authenticating your Facebook account sync, your Android calendar is
synced with Facebook Calendar.



After this, all your Facebook events and Birthdays will appear in Android calendar based widgets. You can check out more of our articles on android, few of them are listed below

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  1. This is gud one.

    Using Kies you can sync your Office outlook calender with mobile calender so that will get meeting reminders on fone.

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