[Workaround] To Change Your Gmail Username

[Workaround] To Change Your Gmail Username

This tutorial helps you to rename or change your Gmail username. Many think that it is impossible to do so, There is a easy workaround to get your Gmail id changed!

This is just a workaround. But serves the purpose.

First, to change your Gmail id, you have to create one more Gmail account.Link

Once you have your new Gmail account, you have everything needed now.

Login to Gmail with your old Gmail id and password. Navigate to settings and click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

Click on Add a forwarding address give the new Gmail id you just created.


Gmail add forwarding address

Note that your old Gmail id still need to be active. But the main advantage here is , you can now communicate your new Gmail id to all your buddies, having old id still valid.

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