[HowTo] Send Email Attachments directly to DropBox

[HowTo] Send Email Attachments directly to DropBox

DropBox is free online storage service available. It supports many useful features. The one, which I found useful is Camera Upload. If you have installed DropBox app in your smartphone, the photos you click, videos you shoot will be automatically uploaded online.

You can earn bonus space just by liking their Facebook page, following them on twitter or by referring your friends to DropBox.

We  found various apps that just enhance the existing features of DropBox. We will post good DropBox tutorials in future.

If you have an DropBox account, and if you have any important attachments in your email inbox that need to be securely stored online,  the following tutorial will be useful for you.


– Sign In to your DropBox account, Else create one account Click Here

– Open this website, and give the access to DropBox Click Here


Dropbox Access


– You will get an email ID. Note down this email ID


Any Email attachments you want to save, You just need to forward the email to the address generated. Your attachments will be saved in DropBox.

For Gmail Users:

You can set Gmail filter to automatically forward all the mails with attachments to the sendtodropbox email ID


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