setup your android phone as WiFi router

Most of us use android phones, and yes, many phones do support wifi . This tutorial explains you how you can setup your phone as the wifi router.

This tutorial is helpful for you if you most frequently use your computer on move. Just setup the android phone as the router, and start using the internet in laptop ! The phone uses its GPRS/3G network to serve the internet data

First, make sure that your phone has the data network enabled. Just navigate to network settings, and enable the data network as shown
Again, go settings->Wireless and network settings->Tethering and Portable hotspot

Check Portable Wifi hotspot (Mobile AP)

Go to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings and set the network key

Switch on the laptop, and you will be able to see a new Wi-Fi network names AndroidAP (If you have not set the network SSID in settings), connect to the same, and start surfing !

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4 thoughts on “setup your android phone as WiFi router

  1. Can someone please help me. I am in Lanzarote (Spain) with my new Samsung Galaxy S 11 and am trying to set up the device as a router for the internet. I have bought and installed a Spanish SIM (vodaphone) card and unlocked the device without a problem. I can set up an Androidhotspot and tether it to my Acer Aspire 5536 Windows 7 laptop and it has no difficulty in connecting to the “excellent signal”. However, when I try to connect to the internet it says “No Connection”. I tried this at home (Ireland) last week and it worked perfectly. I am a “Three” customer in Ireland. Can anyone please help me. I am going f..king crazy trying to fix it. I am not very familiar with smartphones or routers so this is very new to me.

  2. Thanks a million. I’ve got my internet up and running but for some reason which I do not understand I cannot access my e mail, nor my wife, hers. All other websites are open to me but not my e mail. Any suggestions?

  3. Most welcome 🙂 glad that it did work !
    Could you please explain the problem, you are not able access email via web or outlook?
    What error you are getting?

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