Record phone conversation in PC via bluetooth

Many phones (especially Sony Ericcsson) provide the option of recording the telephonic conversation .

Well now through this tutorial I will explain how you can record all the telephonic conversation and save it as MP3 or any other audio format in PC.

– Mobile Phone with bluetooth.
– Desktop / Laptop with bluetooth.
– PC Microphone.
– Windows vista / Windows 7.

First , switch on the bluetooth in PC as well as in the mobile phone.

In your mobile phone , authenticate the PC , so that mobile phone stops verifying in each bluetooth data transfer.

Go to the control panel->devices and printers : You should be able to see your phone listed under devices.

Double click on the phone. You will get the following screen.

Bluetooth device

Select the option “Use this computer as a headset or speakerphone for calls”.

Now comes the second part, where you need to select the appropriate audio devices for recording.

Refer to our previous tutorial : Extract Audio from youtube

Configure the audio as shown in the above tutorial(ie, stereo mix), and in addition to that select

“Microphone” as well for the recording along with stereo mix.
(You can do that by right clicking on sterio mix -> properties)

Start the sound recorder : start menu -> sound recorder

Place the call from your mobile .

Hit the record button . Click stop, when you are done with the call .
Save the file !

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