Use your laptop as Wi-Fi router to share internet

Recently a question has been asked to the mytechyard team by one of the blog readers , regarding using the laptop as Wi-Fi router. One of our team members did find the solution and I thought of sharing the same with you guys.

Provided you have a laptop, and the internet connection to it via LAN, you can use the laptop as the Wi-Fi router. This can be achieved by doing simple network configuration.
– Go to Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center
– Click on “Setup a new connection or network”
– Select “Setup a wireless ad-hoc network”

– Give a connection name (SSID) and set the network key
– Turn on the internet connection sharing

Now you will be able to search for this Wi-Fi AP in other laptops, and mobiles. You can start using the internet just be entering the network key.

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29 thoughts on “Use your laptop as Wi-Fi router to share internet

  1. This trick works only in Windows 7. It’s popularly known as wi-fi tethering. Also there is a small tool called connectify. It’s a very handy tool which configures your laptop as a wifi hotspot in seconds.

  2. I use a dell studio 1435, vista, 32 bit.. i followed the steps and setup a wifi connection.. but its not being detected in my nokia C3-00.. pls help me..

  3. laptop has to be connected to internet .. apart from WiFi connection, anything should work fine.. but I still doubt , if you can create Add-Hoc connection with USB connected to laptop, if you are able to.. then its not a problem

  4. Try to Type the SSID in the phone and search.. sometimes SSIDs will not get broadcast. Try that and post back your comments

  5. @zia : This usually happens when you have problems with DNS. Change your DNS settings to
    primary :
    secondary : In the mobile phone or any device where you are using shared wifi. It should work fine.

  6. sir im using usb broadband and when i follow your guide, i cant find the “Setup a wireless ad-hoc network”… what should i do.. thanks

  7. This could be because, the same could be disabled via group policy editor. If you are using a laptop given by your organization, this might not be possible

  8. ^^ Have you set the WiFi password correctly? if yes, kindly check previous comment to change DNS server settings.
    If you are able to detect, it should work fine. please update further information by commenting here

  9. this trick works wel for me..but stil i coudnt browse wit my nokia E6 even though it connect to my laptop’s wifi connection.When i click connect in my nokia E6 it shows “Genral:Feature not supported”. What should i do to connect my phone to this wifi net

  10. Hi, I have created as u explained but my galaxy s2 is not detecting the Wifi. Where do you thing am going wrong. In the laptop it says “manually connect” how to change to “automatically connect”

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