[HowTo] Create a bookmark to NewTab in Chrome

[HowTo] Create a bookmark to NewTab in Chrome

Tabbed browsing increased the flexibility of browsing experience. I first noticed tabbed browsing in Opera. Once tabbed browsing started, innovations happened in that area to provide rich features in the newly opened tab. Chrome and  Firefox store the favorite websites in the newly opened tab,  clicking on any of the thumbnail would directly take you to that website.

This tutorial explains, how you can add a bookmark shortcut to this newtab. Clicking on the bookmark will directly overwrite the website opened by the newtab interface.

You need not have to close previous tab (if you want to) and open a newtab, then click on the thumbnail of the favorite website. This tutorial lets you to do the same operation with minimum clicks.

Newtab looks something like this.


To create a bookmark , right click on the bookmark bar, and select Add Page.


In the Name field, type in the desired name. In the URL  field,  enter : chrome://newtab

add bookmark in chrome


Click on Save

Your bookmark will now appear in the bookmark bar, as shown below.


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