[HowTo] Always Show the Bookmark Bar in Chrome

[HowTo] Always Show the Bookmark Bar in Chrome

Google Chrome has separated its bookmarks bar from the address bar in the latest release. Well, it is useful if you consider the browsing window size. Hiding the book mark bar would increase the total browsing area.

But, When a webpage gets loaded, if you want to open another website via the bookmark, You have to open the new tab , then click on the bookmark. This really lowers the awesomeness in Chrome browsing experience.

There is a simple setting which you need to change in order to make the Bookmark Bar visibility permanent.


–  Open the Settings in Chrome, or paste this link in address bar  :  chrome://chrome/settings/

  –  Scroll down to appearance, and check the “Always Show the bookmarks bar


Chrome Bookmark bar settings


Chrome will now show the bookmarks bar as before.



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