[HowTo] Make Windows 7 Folder to Look Like Windows 8

[HowTo] Make Windows 7 Folder to Look Like Windows 8

Windows 8, in the initial looks impressed most of Windows fans by its new style called Metro UI.  Icons made flat, no texture , or the gradient effects. It looks great in its own different style. We came across a very useful skin designed by a user in deviant art, Which makes Windows 7 look like Windows 8. Though it is not 100% , for sure it is good skin to try.

This theme or the skin includes

– Windows 8 forward and back buttons

– Windows 8 buttons to restore, minimize and close

– Icons and thumbnails of Windows 8 style

– Folder View

This theme makes few changes , and mainly an opened folder looks exactly like that of Windows 8. Have a look at the screen shots below

Forward and Back buttons

Close, Minimize and Restore buttons


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