[HowTo] A Chrome Trick for easy back Navigation

[HowTo] A Chrome Trick for easy back Navigation

The rise of Chrome on the browsers rankings list is not only due to the fact that it is faster as compared to some of the other browsers in the market but also due to some of the nice features and customizability that comes with it. You can check our articles on other Chrome tricks and tips here.

Sometimes we do face a problem in navigation between pags when we navigate to different pages on a single tab and want to get back to a particular page which you opened earlier. Usually we have to go back by pressing the back button or enter the URL in a different tab. This is quite a long rollback if you have navigated to multiple pages in that tab. Chrome has a nice inbuilt features that provides a solution to this scenario.

Scenario : I have navigated to Google > Facebook > Mytechyard > Factshunter > Factshunter. I want to go back to the Mytechyard page.


Step 1 : Click and hold on the back button on your Chrome browser.

Step 2 : A dropdown of history for that particulat tab is shown. Click on the link which you want to go to.


Long press on back button shows navigation history for that particular tab


If you have any questions on chrome or any tips and tricks that you would like to share with us, please contact us here. Until next time guys, sayonara.

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