[HowTo] Use your Android phone as remote control for YouTube

[HowTo] Use your Android phone as remote control for YouTube

In the past, we had written many tutorials on YouTube. We always like the ideas behind the user friendly features of almost all Google products. YouTube continually does innovations in the same area. As a result, we are going to explain this awesome tutorial on using your mobile phone as remote control for playback of YouTube videos.

This feature is helpful, when you are not in front of the computer, and still you are watching the video. You can just browse through the videos in your mobile device, and when you hit Play, the video just plays in the computer.

Follow these steps :

– Download the Android App from Playstore.

– Once you install, give the appropriate Google account credentials in the Android Device.

– Open YouTube, and Sign In with your Google account username and passwords (Make sure that the same credentials are used in Android Device).

– Open the URL : http://www.youtube.com/leanback  . The following UI Shows up.

Youtube Leanback UI


– Note that you can only use arrow keys for navigation, hit the down arrow , and select “My YouTube“.

– Click right arrow, and You will get a option to Sign In or Pair . Select it.

Pair YouTube remote


– After selecting Pair, You will be displayed a screen with QR Code and the pairing Number.  Screen looks something like this


– Note that pairing is only one time operation per device, You need not have to do this every time.

– Open the Application you installed in phone, In the Pairing Code input field, You can manually enter the code displayed or click the camera icon to scan the QR Code.

– Upon successful pairing, your device name would appear in the list as shown below.


– The Android App now displays the recently played videos , You can select any video, the video starts playing in computer.

– Hit the Play, Pause, Seek buttons in the mobile screen,  to control the playback of video.



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