[HowTo] Get Windows 8 Logon and Lock screens for XP Vista and 7

[HowTo] Get Windows 8 Logon and Lock screens for XP Vista and 7

Microsoft released windows 8 consumer preview couple of months back. We did not get a chance to get deeper into Windows 8 system, but what is impressive in windows 8 is the style or theme by which all icons are designed. Unlike XP , Vista or 7  , Windows 8 looks different mainly in how the icons are designed, if the UIs are compared.

Microsoft deviated from the icons with texture, gradient and the glass effects. Windows 8 icons look flat. The simple looking icons are designed well, which made windows 8 UI popular.

So, we came across a software, which changes the logon and lock screens of XP, Vista and Windows 7 screens to look exactly like that of Windows 8 .

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This software is around 32MB in size, and easy to install. Once you install, you may need to restart the system. Some of the features in latest release include

  • Stability increase
  • New Desktop Gadget for easy access
  • Settings form re-designed
  • Profile picture form re-designed
  • Custom Background form re-designed
  • Crash fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

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Logon screen of windows 8 in XP Vista and 7
Background selection for windows 8 logon and lock screens


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