[HowTo] Get Vista Glass Effect Logon Screen for Windows XP

[HowTo] Get Vista Glass Effect Logon Screen for Windows XP

When Windows Vista entered the market, Almost all Windows fans got excited especially to see AERO glass effects in Windows Vista. Though it consumes lot of system resources , especially the video memory, It is awesome in look and feel that Windows had ever got.

Because of the AERO ‘s beautiful look, lot of themes started available for Windows XP , which would make it to appear exactly like Vista. Especially transparent taskbar, Start Menu etc.

We came across a nice Desktop Customization theme for XP which makes it logon screen look like Vista. The logon screen has Glass Reflection effect, the theme is called “Vista Reflections 2

Download Link

Once you download the ZIP file, extract and Install the theme. Re start your computer, And You will see the logon screen something like the one shown below.

Vista Reflections 2 for XP


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