[HowTo] Get Short Favicon Tabs in Chrome

[HowTo] Get Short Favicon Tabs in Chrome

Browsers are the doors to a large room named the World Wide Web. They are the applications that helped us to connect to the world via the internet and share as well as gain knowledge. As they evolved over a period of time, new features were added as a result of the competition in the market as well as the rising needs of the sweling internet user group.

One such feature is the creation of Multiple Tabs in a browser window. Each tab provided an option for opening a new webpage on the same browser in a different tab so that you need not have to enter a new website after coming out of the old one or open a new browser window. Few users these days have the habit of opening multiple tabs in a single browser window. As the number of tabs increase, more cluttered your tabbed pane becomes. Chrome comes with an interesting feature with which you can have short tabs with only the Favicon of the website as the identifier for the tab.A step by step illustration is shown below

Step 1 : Lets say that you have multiple tabs opened on your Chrome browser. Its already consumed most of the space on the tabbed bar but you want to open more tabs.



Step 2 : Chrome has a solution. Right click on one of the tab and select the Pin Tab option. Repeat the same for the rest of the tabs.



Step 3: Now you can see that the tab size has been reduced and the tab has only the Fav icon image in it.



* A neat way of organizing your tabs.
* Compresses the tab size and thus makes room for more tabs in a decent way.


* You have no cross mark to close this type of small tab, you have to right click on the tab and select the Unpin Tab option.


Guys, please write to us if you know any other tricks and tips related to Chrome, we will surely respond to your comments and suggestions. Until next time, take care.

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One thought on “[HowTo] Get Short Favicon Tabs in Chrome

  1. I always browse with just favicon tabs, it allows consistent tab placement (no shifting around as more are added/removed). Also the visual cue is easier to recognize than reading the text which become smaller anyway as more are added. Also as more are added, the close button can be pressed by accident. (Google needs to address these basic usability issues with tabs).

    In the meantime there are a couple of extensions “Auto Pin URL” and “URL Pinner” that pins all tabs automatically, just config it to pin ALL URLs with “:” or “/’ since that char is all URLs.

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