[HowTo] Get Notified on Login to your Facebook Account

[HowTo] Get Notified on Login to your Facebook Account

Social networking has seen an upward trend in its userbase in the recent years. Now it is not only a place where people share updates and interact. Social networks have become potential hotspots for business, marketing and media too. A lot of new security guidelines and policies have popped up for protecting the privacy of the social network users.

A lot of new security features have come into the most popular social networking site at present,  Facebook. One of the interesting features that I stumbled across is the option for getting notified whenever there is a login into your facebook account.This feature allows you to recieve mail and message notifications whenever there is a login to your account so that you can monitor and protect your account from unauthorized access. A detailed overview of the feature follows.


Step 1 : Login to your Facebook account and navigate to settings -> account settings



Step 2 : Click on the security tab on the left and then click on the login notifications. There you can opt for both or either of email notification and text/push notification.



Step 3 : Logout and login to Facebook again. It will ask for the details of the device after you have logged in. Give it a name such as Lappie if you are using your laptop or PCHOME if you are using your desktop. You will get a mail with the IP details of your machine as well as the machine name in a mail and also a message if you have put your mobile number in Facebook. The mail will also have a link, using which you can report to Facebook if an unauthorized user logged into your account.

Step 4: Now navigate to account settings -> security -> Recognized devices. There you can see info about the devices that you have accessed Facebook from.



* Get email on Login to your Facebook account.
* Get a message on your mobile on Login to your Facebook account.
* Monitor logins to your account.
* Register known devices from which you access Facebook.
* Report to Facebook if there is an unauthorized access.


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