[HowTo] Enable HTTPS to your Facebook Account

[HowTo] Enable HTTPS to your Facebook Account

Facebook has 845 million users worldwide, with Alexa Rank of 2. Nothing can define the power of social networking better than Facebook. Facebook has introduced lot many features to increase the security of the user accounts. Many of such options are disabled by default. But yes, if you dig deeper into the settings , you will find many such options. Enabling HTTPS instead of HTTP is one of such options.

To explain in short , HTTPS increases the security by encrypting the content that are served over the network. Normal HTTP pages are not encrypted.

In this tutorial, we will explain how you can enable HTTPS to your account. Just as an added security measure.


– Login to your Facebook account, and open Account settingsĀ .

Facebook Account Dropdown


– Go to the security link on the left sidebar.


– Enable HTTPS (by selecting checkbox of secure browsing), and save settings.


– When you login next time, you will see HTTPS in the address bar.

https for facebook

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