[HowTo] Easily save images from a webpage

[HowTo] Easily save images from a webpage

Sometimes, pictures speak more than words. A detailed explanation about anything is always better understood and liked if its is put across along with some related pictures which helps in putting  across your message more effectively. The web world in particular is adapting to this way of presenting things.

We usually surf across the internet, looking for something in particular, lets say an image which you want to save on your PC. Usually we follow the most common practice of doing a right click on the image, select the save image option, browse to the location on your PC where you need the image  and hit the save button. This tutorial shows a simpler way in which you can save the image that you need, in your place of choice on your PC in a much simpler way.


How it is done


Step 1: Open the webpage/website from where you want to save an image.



Step 2: Lets say that you are saving all the images on to an Image collection folder on your desktop. Open the folder.



Step 3: Click and drag the image that you need to save and drop it onto the folde which you have opened. You can find your image downloaded to the location of your choice.




* Fast way to save the images from a webpage
* Tested and works on Firefox,Chrome and IE.


* The folder where you have to store it has to be open or you have to save the image somewhere, say the desktop
* The format of the image you save is of the same format in which it is on the webpage
* For some images such as the main logo on a FaceBook login page get saved as desktop shortcut to the website rather than the image that you were expecting.

Please write to us about your views on this article, suggestions and may be a few browser tricks that you know. Knowledge is best gained when shared. Until next time guys, take care.

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