[HowTo] Download Tweets of Any User on Twitter

[HowTo] Download Tweets of Any User on Twitter

Micro blogging has become very famous over a short span of time. People are running out of time,

we all need things to be very fast. If we want to know what a person is up to, We prefer to read his

twitter tweets, rather than reading his blog. As number of people you follow increase,

your Twitter page becomes cluttered and very difficult to read for the tweets over a period of time.

You need to really keep watching tweets closely if you do not want to miss something important

you are interested in.


In this tutorial, we will explain how you can download and save the tweets of any user on Twitter.

Twitter does not allow download tweets as of now, we found a useful Chrome extension which

just makes this job simpler.

Open this link in Chrome

Once you open the link,  Click on Add to Chrome You will be able to see Kwitty icon in the

NewTab opened.

Select it to launch the Application.

Login with your Twitter user id and password.

Do not worry this application cannot see your Twitter password.



Once you log in, you need to Authorize the app. Click on Authorize App.



Your Twitter home page appears. Click on the user, A New Tab opens up inside

the Twitter page.



If you want to Download the tweets of the user opened, Select Export option. (Refer to the picture above)

Twitter allows the download of only first 3200 tweets. Once the export is complete ,

You can see the tweets in new page.



The Tweets can be saved to a local file, using Save option in Chrome.

Saving Tweets as PDF

Chrome does provide an option to save any web page as PDF. You can save the exported

tweets into a PDF file for later reference. For more information on how to save as PDF,

Refer to this tutorial


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