[HowTo] Discover Music on YouTube using YouTube Disco

[HowTo] Discover Music on YouTube using YouTube Disco

Right from the day that Google took over YouTube, it has grown leaps and bounds to be the most
popular video sharing website till day. Millions of video clips are added to YouTube everyday. A lot of new features has been added to it in the recent years, like regional videos, movies, channels and so on.

I recently stumbled accross a little known YouTube feature by the name YouTube Disco. Disco is aimed at being a music discovery tool for YouTube where you can search for music from your favourite artist or from another popular playlist.


Home Screen of YouTube Disco


As you can see in the image above, you can either select to play the top 100 playlist or search
YouTube for playlists of your favourite band. After the selection is made, you will be redirected to
the appropriate page. In that page will be a Slide Bar which will have the details of the songs in
the particular playlist.


You can do the following :

* Toggle between songs
* Enable shufling of songs
* Autoplay option.
* Switch playlist
* Save playlist.


Playlist Scrollbar


YouTube Disco seems poor in comparison to other music discovery tools in the market today, it does need a lot of improovement. You can change the order in which the songs are played in only some but not all the playlists. On the brighter side you can just get a playlist for your favourite artist and get the videos played after one after another in youtube, for which you do not have to select the next song manually each time.

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