[HowTo] Disable All Your Facebook Apps At Once

[HowTo] Disable All Your Facebook Apps At Once

We do spend considerable amount of time in Facebook. Many people just join Facebook to play games, and to use interesting Apps. At the same time Game Development companies focus on distributing their games on Facebook. Some of examples are FarmVille, most recently Angry Birds.

Installing an untrustworthy Facebook application can be very risky.  You are prompted to “Allow” access to that application during installation. Most of us just install the application, and we may or may not use the application thereafter. Some of the applications do post unnecessary updates on your wall, which can sometimes be very annoying when your friends see something on your wall , which you really do not want to share.

So, In this tutorial, we will show how you can disable all the applications you installed in your Facebook account easily.


– Log In to your Facebook account, and click on Privacy Settings on top right corner of the screen.


Account Settings in Facebook


– Scroll to Apps and Websites and click Edit Settings.


Apps and Websites


– Select “Turn off” All the apps.


Turn off all facebook apps


Select All from the pop up opened , and then select “Turn Off Apps“.

Select Apps to Block

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