[AppReview] Ninja Chicken: The fun android game reviewed

[AppReview] Ninja Chicken: The fun android game reviewed

Have you ever been faccinated by watching a Ninja in an action movie and played the role yourself in your dreams ? The prescision of the swing of their sword, tip toe movements, swift thinking all make you want to be one. Well, do you know about a chicken that thought it was a Ninja ? The Ninja Chicken is one such chicken developed by MoMinis and I have its review.

Introducing : Ninja Chicken

Ninja Chicken is a creation by game developer MoMinis. The chicken in the story thinks that it is a ninja and that it has been bestowed with great Ninja powers. It has set out on a journey to prove itself worthy of the title and also maintain a high stature among its chicken friends.

Game Design : Overall overview

The entire game has been designed with two simple physics motion, that is runing and jumping. There are 30 levels in total and the game developer has mentioned that many more are to come. Each level has a specific target, when achieved we can move on to the next level. There are some bonus levels in between which I personally skipped bcause it asked me to download another app from the developer and install it in order to play the bonus level.



Haystacks, cactus, pipes etc are some of the obstacles in this game. Points can be either in the form of acrons, coins or eggs. The collectibles are strategically placed in between the obstacles so that you have to carefully guide the ninja chicken so as to reach the target collection of the mentioned collectibles.


As the levels progress, the speed of the game increases and also the frequency of the obstacles. The collectibles are placed in strategic locations so that collecting them is even more difficult and challenging. As you can see in the following picture, a canon that fires dogs wearing helmets, is one of the obstacles.


The chicken lays an egg when it jumps over a nest. The number of eggs to be laid may be one of the criteria to finish off the level. The number of collectibles required to clear the level is shown at the top part of the screen. Try to avoid sinking in the quicksand.



One of the cool things the ninja chicken can do is that it can slide on the ground for a brief amount of time. This allows the chicken to snatch up the colectibles and save itself from the obstacles. The chicken tiredlessly runs towards the goal in the game, you cannot slow him down.


Ninja Chicken: Conclusion

A good effort by MoMinis in coming up with ninja chicken, with an interesting concept, simple and involving physics and decent graphics. On the flip side, I felt that the game was not too catchy and adictive because of the similarity between levels. There are 30 levels and I did not feel like I want any more.

RATING :   3.5 / 5

We would like to hear your thoughts on the game, please drop your experience about the game and also the likes and dislikes in the comments section below. Until next time guys, sayonara.

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