[AppReview] Ceramic Destroyer : A good android game

[AppReview] Ceramic Destroyer : A good android game

What is it that you feel when you see expensive pottery or ceramic art being destroyed in movies, tv series or may be some cartoons ? Along with all the other feelings, the one feeling that wants you to be the one breaking those rushes in. RUNNER GAMES have come up with such a ceramic breaking game, with a different approach or lets say a twist. In this game named Ceramic Destroyer, we do not break the ceramics, we rather destroy it by blasting.

The basic idea of this game is to destroy different ceramics using different types of bombs given to you. Each level has a different ceramic which you have to try and destroy completely, more of the ceramic art destroyed, more points you earn.




The game has a well laid out menu, with all the selectable options being ceramics themselves, the options blast when selected. The game is basically divided into stages, with each stage containing 20 levels each. Each stage gets progressively tougher than its predecessor.




In each level you have a ceramic art which you should destroy using four different types of bombs which may be either provided to you at the beginning of the level or you have to get it while playing in the level as they are strategically placed in the ceramic art. You get a catapult to launch the bombs provided onto the ceramic art. You can adjust the power and angle of the shot to make the best use of the bomb and also to clear most of the ceramic.

All the four types of bombs have their unique characteristics and should be used efficiently depending on the situation.

* Green Bomb: Pull the catapult to shoot the bomb
* Blue Bomb: Tap The screen to split the bomb into 3 mini-bombs
* Yellow Bomb: Tap the screen 3 times to lay out the mini-bombs
* Purple Bomb: Rub the screen to control the direction of the bomb




Currently the game has 7 stages, each containing 20 levels each. 90% of the ceramic should be cleared to get 1 star, 95% or above to get 2 stars and 100% to get 3 stars. The game has a minimum star count which has to be reached in order to advance to the next stage. You will surely have to come back to the finished stages as you advance so as to gain more stars and get access to the new stage that has been released, further the stages greater is the difficulty.


Conclusion and Rating

Overall, we feel that the Ceramic destroyer is truly a one of its kind game, with a new concept, involving and intruiging. The curiosity and addiction levels shoot up stage to stage and it will surely make you wanting for more. The fact that it makes us go back to the previous stages to try to make 3 stars for the level to advance will surely keep the users involved.

Our Rating : 4.5/5

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