[AppReview] Bob ClockD3: A Beautiful Clock Widget for Android

[AppReview] Bob ClockD3: A Beautiful Clock Widget for Android

Having a smartphone with good features has become a trend and is becoming a necessity in the present world scenario. A new smartphone is always explored to test its potential or performance. Some time after you have owned the smartphone, most of you will start looking for some basic apps that are frequently used and are a part of our day to day life.

One of the widgets that falls under this category is the clock widget. No matter whether if we have a wrist watch or a inbuilt time display on the screen of the smartphone, we always desire for a beautiful clock widget which will don our homescreen. I found one such simple and beautiful widget in the market and thought I would review it for you.



Bob ClockD3 is a simple lightweight clock widget type application. It displays the time in a hour/second split view along with AM/PM, the day and date. It is a pure widget type application, meaning that after you have installed the application, you will not find it among your installed apps listing, but it can be accessed only in the widgets menu.


Screenshot of BobClock widget onĀ home screen



Bob Clock has a few basic but useful features, all the features that you would expect and need from
an Android clock application. When you add the widget on your homescreen for the first time, the
following options appear


Options that come with BobClock

* Color selection for the minute and hour display

* Lowercaseo or Uppercase display of text

* Three layout options for date

* Four display size options for date

* 24hr or 12hr mode for the clock. 12hr mode is set as a default

* Launch clock option for launching similar clock applications by clicking on the Bob ClockD3 widget on your screen.
Conclusion and Rating

BobClockD3 is an app that is beautiful to look at and simple to use. It has all the features that
you will ever use in a clock application. It even launches up the android clock application if you
click on the widget, so an easier access to the inbuilt clock app where you set your alarms, use
stopwatch or see the world time. On the downside it eats up quite a bit of your screen space, 3*2
that is space needed for 6 application ashortcuts on your homescreen. Also it is not resizable nor
is there any option for custom sizes.

Our Rating : 4/5

If you guys have stumbled across some good apps on the android market(Google Play Store), please write to us and we will surely try our best to respond earliest to our convenience. until next time, sayonara.

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