[Info] Typing Speed Test

[Info] Typing Speed Test

At some point in life, a small question might have popped up in the minds of all of us computer users. What is my typing speed ? Well, why not find out the answer. 10FastFingers  is one such place on the world wide web where you will get the answer to your question. Here is how it goes….

Step 1: Hit the 10FastFingers website and you will be led to this page.



Step 2: The timer starts counting down right from the moment you start typing in the text box provided.



As you can see, the words that you type in right come in green and the words that you get wrong come in red.
Info : the red ‘until’ you see there is a mistake that i deliberately made.


Step 3: At the end of 1 minute timeline, your testing speed and accuracy will be displayed


Your WPM count along with your number of keystrokes, correct and wrong words are displayed. Your comparison to the users in last 24 hours is also displayed. You also have the option of sharing this on Facebook, Twitter and your Blog/Website.


Step 4: You also get HTML Code that you can use, to showcase your typing speed.



Step 5: You can also choose from a long list of languages on which you can test your typing speed



So guys, there goes a good way to check out your typing speed and showcase your typing speed.


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