[Info] Facebook language Pirate mode trick

[Info] Facebook language Pirate mode trick

Facebook has grown over the years from a small time college project on to the most popular social networking site on the whole world wide web today. Over the years, new features have been incorporated into Facebook, to make it as user friendly and user involving as possible. We have already listed out some of the facebook tricks in our previous posts which you can find here.

But the programmers who are involved in such kind of projects have a certain fun side in them, which they do incorporate into the project itself. I came across one such fun feature in Facebook which I am going to share with you guys.


Step 1: Login to your FB account, go to Account Settings tab and click on it.


Step 2: Now click on edit in the language selection pane.



Step 3: Now select English (pirate) option from the dropdown and save the changes. Also see the option just below that and keep it in mind.



Step 4: See your facebook page after you have saved the changes, now your facebook is in pirate mode.



Step 5: Now go and select the English(Upside Down) option and see the results.



Guys, if you know any more Facebook tips and tricks, please feel free to contact us or just  drop a comment below. We will try our best to respond to your suggestions and queries. Until next time, Chao.

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