[HowTo] Save your favourite website as desktop app

[HowTo] Save your favourite website as desktop app

The popularity of Chrome in the web world is shooting skywards, not only due to the speed of the browser but also due to some of the cool features that it provides. Chrome is neck to neck with  Firefox for the honour of being the most used browser in the world.

I recently came across an amazing trick that you can do with Chrome. Sometimes you might have wanted to have a specific page as a homepage always and you would want it to be loaded everytime when you open up the browser. This can be easily done with the browser homepage settings and it is suitable for pages such as google. What if you want a desktop shortcut in such a way that a website such as our own mytechyard can be opened on a seperate browser instance where no other tabs can be created, just like a dedicated application ? Chrome has the answer.

Here is a way, following which you may be able to create a desktop app for your favourite website or as I say, Desktop-ize.

Step 1: Fire up your browser and open your favourite website.



Step 2: Now go to the op right corner of the screen, click on the tools icon, navigate to the tools option and then select create application shortcuts option.



Step 3: Now a new window will pop up asking you the following options



*Desktop Shortcut
*Start menu shortcut
*Pin to Taskbar

Select the ones you need and proceed

Step 4: See the magic after the above three steps are done. A desktop shortcut is created, a taskbar shortcut is created and your website is opened in a dedicated browser environment, just like an application.


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