[HowTo] Samsung Galaxy S brightness trick

[HowTo] Samsung Galaxy S brightness trick

The rising popularity of Android and being into Android programming at work for quite some time compelled me into buying an Android device. Having used a nokia 5300 and Samsung Monte before, the new Samsung Galaxy S that I brought was a dreamy experience. The Android experience was sweetened by the huge collection of apps on the market, connectivity to the world and some of the cool and amazing features the Andorid smartphones came with.

I have already written about one of the cool trick, you can check it out here. Just stumbled upon another one while experimenting with the phone. This trick is to change the display brightness on your Samsung Galaxy S from your homescreen and not your brightness settings menu. Here is how it  goes…


Step 1: On your homescreen place your finger on the top part of your screen, just like you do to pull down your notifications bar, say for 3 to 4 seconds. Lets start with the top right corner of your screen.



Step 2: Now you will definitely notice your screen brighten up if you have kept your screen on a  low brightness level. Now gradually slide your finger to the top left of your sceen, the brighness decreases. Move to and fro anlong the same line and set your screen brightness to the desired level.



Guys, I have tried this on my phone with the following specifications


Device : Samsung Galaxy SL
OS Vesion : Android 2.3.6
UI : Touchwhiz 3.0


I am not well exuipped so as to test this feature on other Samsung or any other Android devices. If you have any other Android device from Samsung like the S2, S+ etc or any android device form other manufacturers, try this out and let us know about the outcome on the comments section below.

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