[HowTo] Monitor and Control torrent downloads remotely

[HowTo] Monitor and Control torrent downloads remotely

We download lot of movies, software, music from torrents. In the current high speed internet era,  downloading a big file is really not a concern. You can search for torrent files in the popular torrent search engines like thepiratebay once you get the .torrent file, you need a torrent client to download the actual file. Some of the popular torrent clients are,



We prefer UTorrent as it provides much more flexible options compared to any other torrent clients. Recently we observed that UTorrent supports , controlling of your downloads remotely.

Downloading of large sized files take long time. In such cases, this feature comes handy. Once you start downloading in your home, you can pause, resume, or even terminate the download remotely from your office or through your android phone!

In this tutorial, we will explain the steps to achieve the same.


– A PC where the torrent client is performing the download.

– Firewall turned off, or exceptions are added properly for UTorrent client.

– Data network enabled phone, Android phone or another PC from where you want to control the download.

Assuming , you are comfortable enough with the interface of UTorrent client, we will explain the steps in detail

– Open UTorrent, and go to preferences->remote and enable UTorrent remote access

– Give a computer name and password, you can choose any name.

– Set a security question, else click on No Thanks.

– Keep the PC switched on.

– Open the website https://remote.utorrent.com from anywhere.

– Enter the username and passwords when asked. This should be same as the one you gave in UTorrent client.

– The UTorrent UI opens in the browser, you can pause, resume or terminate the downloads.


Additional Tweaks for Utorrent Remote Access

You can shutdown your PC as well once the downloads are complete, remotely. Navigate to Preferences->Run Program

in the Run this program when a torrent finishes box, enter shutdown -p command as shown



To download the Android App, Click Here

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