[HowTo] Enable Facebook ticker with sidebar disabled

[HowTo] Enable Facebook ticker with sidebar disabled

Facebook sidebar is very useful for quick access of Facebook chat, Video chat , and Translation features. Sidebar has two portions in it. The upper half displays the Facebook Ticker, which provides real time updates from the friends and communities you have subscribed for.  The lower half displays the friends list who are online (If you have logged in for messenger).

Facebook sidebar had major disadvantage . Hiding the sidebar would hide ticker as well. Now, Facebook separated ticker from the sidebar. You can enable ticker, with sidebar hidden.

This tutorial explains you about the same. It is very simple.

Log in to Facebook, Click on Hide sidebar in the bottom right corner of Facebook page

Check for the show ticker icon in the top right corner of the Facebook page

Now, updates start appearing in the Facebook page as shown below


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One thought on “[HowTo] Enable Facebook ticker with sidebar disabled

  1. Hey,

    I was using FB without the sidebar, but with the ticker visible above the ads. The problem is that I clicked on the hide ticker button by accident, but there’s no show ticker button visible at all anymore. When I stretch out my browser window to full screen, the sidebar comes visible and the ticker is there, but I can’t get the ticker back to visible without the sidebar being visible. Any hints, how I could achieve this?

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