[HowTo] Edit Videos online in YouTube

[HowTo] Edit Videos online in YouTube

Let us start this tutorial , by telling you guys one interesting fact.  According to statistics, it is said that Facebook users watch 500 years of YouTube video everyday !  No need to mention, YouTube is the largest video sharing website. Recent features such as, Movies , TV Shows, YouTube Live etc  increased the reasons , why we have to use YouTube.

Many video editing software are available. These software are expensive , and for beginners it would take some time play around with the software and render the final video.

Most of us might not be aware that you can easily edit videos in YouTube. If you are new to the video editing world, you can explore the various options available in YouTube video editor.

Access YouTube video editor here

Features in YouTube video editor


Add your audio track to video.

Add transition effects between the video clips.

Add a text overlay to video.

Adjust video properties like brightness, contrast and rotation.

Easily download the edited video.


We will explain these features in detail.

To start, you must sign in to your Google Account, and open YouTube.

Assuming that you have uploaded the video, you can find your uploaded videos in the thumbnails, else you can use one of the Creative Commons license. As an example we will take two video clips and add a transition effect between them, and save the video

Drag and drop the first video into the timeline.

You can adjust the speed of the video , by increasing its width along the timeline.

The above view provides options to add the Text, Effects or the rotation adjustments.

Notice the Audio track in the bottom of the above picture, you can add your audio track by, drag-dropping the audio clip from the 3rd tab in the editor

To Adjust the effects, click on the Wand icon on the video, the following window would appear,

This window has options which are pretty much clear.

To see the transition effects , we need to add one more clip to the timeline, also lets drag and drop one of the favorite transition effects from the 4th tab.


 Once you done editing the video, you can give a name to the newly created video file on the top right hand corner of the screen and click on Publish. YouTube will now render your video. Depending upon the size of the video this process will take little time , before the final , edited video is prepared.

In between, you will see the following screen

Once the video is ready, you can see the video in My Videos link in YouTube.


 – Video editing software consume lot of system resources, YouTube video editor is free, and it just needs a browser

 – Lot of options available for editing

 – Nice filtering effects .

 – Easy to crop and join videos

We have created a sample video , you can have a look (we have added text, and blur transition effect between the videos)

Open here

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