[HowTo] Easily play YouTube videos in VLC Player

[HowTo] Easily play YouTube videos in VLC Player

VLC Player has its own good image right from the day it was released. The latest version of VLC has many more interesting features compared to older versions. VLC was my favorite media player all the time , mainly because of the following features.

– Play video file of any format including Flash video files (FLV).

– Incredible amount of volume boost (Key : Control + Up Arrow).

– Easy video seek features (ALT + Right Arrow).

Recording of the selected video clips.

– Playing around with Video, Add Wave, Blur , Skewing effects to the video you are playing.

– Subtitle , Audio track sync with Video.

VLC had an option to “Open network stream” right from the first release. I did try to play many YouTube videos, but every time VLC Player crashed. However after the recent update to VLC Player I do not see any such behavior.   So, Writing this tutorial.

To Start with, Download the latest version of VLC player from here.

Open any video in YouTube, and Copy the video URL.


– Install VLC Player.

– Navigate to Media->Open Network Stream.

– Paste the URL and click on Play.

– Video starts playing in the VLC player.

Depending upon the Network speed and the quality of the video you are playing, you could just have a awesome experience , similar to playing normal video files in VLC.


– Once you have the video URL, you can easily play video in VLC, No browser or the Flash Player dependency.

– Access to all set of controls of VLC Player , on the video you are playing.

– Video filter effects can be applied on YouTube videos as well !

– If you are comfortable using VLC hotkeys , you can just use it for this purpose.


Enabling the advanced controls would provide a recording button in VLC. But this does not work with YouTube videos. I did try to record the videos , But, I was unable to play the recorded video file.

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