[HowTo] Disable download history in Firefox

[HowTo] Disable download history in Firefox

Firefox is my favorite browser till date, if the user flexibility and customizing perspectives are considered. It is also true that , recently Chrome overtook Firefox in terms of Browser usage across the globe. Firefox does provide many options which Chrome does not support. We had listed such features in this tutorial, have a look.

We are writing this tutorial because, a reader asked us as question , to disable the download history completely in Firefox. Well, disabling a GUI might not be possible, but we can tweak Firefox not to store any download history by changing few settings in the Firefox Options.

Reference tutorial : View Downloads even after clearing download list in Firefox.

 Steps to disable the download history

– Open Firefox, click on Firefox, Navigate to Options-> Options.

– Click on the Icon, Privacy.

– Remove the tick mark of Remember Download History.

– Click OK

The downloads, after this change will not be stored in the download list. You can just revert the settings back if you want to see the history of downloads again.

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