[HowTo] Create Theme for Chrome using official Chrome Theme Builder

[HowTo] Create Theme for Chrome using official Chrome Theme Builder

As we all know Google Chrome is a web browser from Google. Within a very short span of time Chrome overtook all the browsers in terms of browser usage , In the internet world. We did write many tutorials on Chrome, This tutorial explains you how you can easily create a theme for Chrome, using official chrome theme builder.


There are many websites, which help you to customize your theme for Chrome online. We have used many of such tools in the past. None looked as simple as the one given by Google . So, We will explain, How you can create theme using the My Chrome Theme Chrome extension.


– First Download and install the My Chrome Theme extension to Chrome : Click here

– Make sure that , you give the permission to add the extension.

– Once you install, You can see the icon in the new tab of Chrome. Click to open it.


– In the first step, you need to select a image for the new tabs. Select one from your computer.

РSelect the alignment for the image. Proceed to Step 2 (You just need to click the button in the wizard).

– In the next step, You can select the colors for Tabs, Toolbar, and the background of new tabs. Clicking on the brush icon will pop up a color picker.

– In the next step, you will see a preview of the newly created theme. You can change the colors here as well, Just by clicking on the brush icon


– Continue to step 3, and give a name to your theme.

– You will see 2 options, You can directly install the theme to chrome by clicking on the Install My Theme button. You can share the theme with your friends, by sending the theme URL.

– Clicking on Install button will ask you for the permission to install the theme, Click on Continue.


Un Installing the theme

– Open this URL in Chrome, Else navigate to settings->personal stuff->themes->Reset to Default.

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