[HowTo] Create bookmark to Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

[HowTo] Create bookmark to Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

Chrome provides many interesting features that enables flexibility to the users. Many of the Google Chrome pages are designed on HTML source code. If you look closely towards the settings page, history page, these have a pure HTML source codes. For sure it is easy to experiment with the HTML source codes and post some nice tutorials.

In one of our posts we explained about adding shortcuts to chrome. In this tutorial we will explain, how you can bookmark the clear browsing data screen of Chrome.

Clear browsing data, erases browsing history, cache, cookies, form data. You can access this option via Settings->Under the hood->Clear browsing data

Bookmarking this, will reduce the number of clicks required to clear the browsing data. Follow these steps

– In the bookmark bar, right click and select add page option.

– In the next screen, ┬áName the bookmark, and type the URL : chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.

– Save the bookmark.

– Clicking on the bookmark would directly show the Clear Browsing Data screen of Chrome.

Note that the URL given , is case sensitive.

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