[HowTo] Build traffic for newly created blog

[HowTo] Build traffic for newly created blog

Building readership or the audience is the main concern of any blogger. It is really challenging to build considerable amount of good audience . And not to forget, there is no shortcut to build traffic instantaneously.

Many firms around the world , promise to generate the traffic for your website or blog. These methods are not going to work in long term and you will also have the risk of your blog being banned completely from the web sphere.

How To choose a blog title ?

Blog titles are really important in building regular visitors. If your blog name has following things in the blog name, It is unlikely to attract international, or the permanent visitors.

– Your name in blog domain name

– Country specific domains

– Domain name which is completely unrelated to blog title

So, think , spend sufficient amount of time in giving name to your blog.

How To Monetize your blog?

Monetize or in other words, publicizing your blog is the next step. We will explain each of these methods in detail

Search Engines: Search engines play major role in building traffic to your blog.  As an example, 90% of the visitors to this website land from search engines. Assuming that you have good content in your blog, you will get good traffic from search engines.

When we talk about search engines, obviously Google is the first thing which comes to our  mind. Submitting your blog to Google can be done by registering to Google Webmaster Tools

Before submitting your blog to Search engines, it is important to consider the following points , and make sure that they are in place

A proper sitemap.

Posts , content in the website have meta keyword descriptions.

RSS feed.

robots.txt file in the root directory, with appropriate permissions for the crawlers.

Website is up and running, and none of the pages return 404 error.

Once the website is verified, Google starts indexing your contents. Submitting your blog to other search engines are all similar. Important search engines  : Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.

Blog Directories :  blog directories act similar to the search engines. Many people do search for the information in plenty of blog directories, and the probability of your blog is being read by other people in the blog network is high. Blog directories help you to build the network with other bloggers also good number of backlinks to your blog.

Many people do write comment on the blog posts, give feedback on the posts.  Some of the popular blog networks are



Networked Blogs

Blog directories provide a platform to understand how good is your blog performing in the web world. Technorati rates the blogs based on relevancy of your blog posts with respect to the discussions that are happening in the blog sphere. This rating is called, Technorati Authority for the blog, higher is the technorati authority  number, better is the blog. You can as well monitor your Blog Rank , among the blogs that are present in Technorati.

Indiblogger does provide a similar feature, they call it as IndiRank.  IndiRank is number between 0 – 100 , they rate your blog based on the Alexa Rank of your blog, MoziRank , Number  of Juice Passing links and the post frequency.

Feedburner , Twitter and Facebook integration:  Once you have sitemap in place, you can register to your blog to feedburner. Most of the blog directories fetch your posts as feeds, so it is important to integrate your blog with feedburner. Register Here and follow the step by step instructions.

Feedburner provides multiple options to socialize your blog.

– Enabling tweets to be updated automatically once the feed is updated

– Enabling email subscriptions to your blog

– Send email updates to your subscribers

For Facebook integration, you can login to Networked Blogs  with your Facebook username and passwords. Provided you have a Facebook page for your blog, you can easily make networked blogs to update the post details as soon as you update the blog, on the wall of your Facebook page.

Other Important tips

If you have done all the steps specified above,  be patient and wait . Continually  monitor all the above tools to see if there are any issues , if there are fix them immediately. Focus on

– Writing quality contents to the readers

– Try not to copy from other blogs

– Write valuable comments on other blogs

– Choosing right layout for the blog is equally important

We provided these tips based on our online experience, We are still learning! We will provide much more details in the upcoming days .


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