[AppReview] Skater Boy: The Android game review

[AppReview] Skater Boy: The Android game review

To be frank I was personally quite impressed by the various tricks that professionals performed on their skateboards, doing a 360 spin, a somersault or may be slide down the railings. Somewhere deep inside you might have been compelled to be on that skateboard and perform those tricks. Thanks to Skater Boy app by RunnerGames, you can live your skater dream on your android device



In this android game, you get to play the role of a Skater boy, taking out your board on a journey on differnet terrains. You get to perform stunts while jumping over obstacles, collecting stars and sliding down the railings. At the end of each level, your points will be calculated based on the number of stars collected, life lost and the trophies collected.


At the start of each level, you get to control the speed of your keyboard and the time of the jump using the two control buttons at the bottom of your screen. Boost up and adjust your speed so as to clear the obstacles and collected the stars and trophies.


Each time you hit an obstacle, such as a light pole, go down the stairs, hit a trash can or a witch, you lose one of the five lives that you have for the level. You will have to restart the level if you lose all 5 lives for the level.


Various moving obstacles like a wild hog, a boulder or a witch may come your way, making you race your brain to prepare for the jump, making the game much more interesting and involving. You may also come across special angel hearts ( as I like to cal it ) during the course of the game, which will allow you to start from a checkpoint in the level if in case which you fail to finish it. The number of angel hearts, your lives, your score are all displayed on the top portion of your screen.


To wrap it all up, SkaterBoy is a good android game, intrestingly involving because of the physics involved in it even though many users may get the sense of DeJaVu across levels. Curently it has 3 terrains and more terrains are coming soon.

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