[AppReview] Fingerprint Scanner: An android prank app

[AppReview] Fingerprint Scanner: An android prank app

The android market is growing exponentially, thanks to its open source OS and license to the masses to develop and put their applications on the market. Lot of applications spanning across different genres are being uploaded into the market each and every day. The pace of development is such that the application that you had imagined, which you wished for to be in the market can be found in the market at the blink of your eye.

Amidst all these developments in the market, recently it witnessed the birth of a new Genre, Prank. A lot of Prank apps have popped up in the market these days, making you want to hav a go at them, play the prank on some unsuspecting person and get that weird sense of satisfaction that we all love, the weird happiness that envelopes us to see someone get fooled by us ( ah come on guys no one can deny this ).

Just today, an app by name Fingerprint Scanner caught my eye, installed the app and thought that I would write a review of the app for you guys. When you run the application a scanning screen comes in front of your unsuspecting friend,you scan his finger in the app, whoa! his/her details including name, age and stuff like that pop up on the screen of your device along with the expression of awe on the face of your friend and of course a smile on yours. Here it goes…

1: When you run the applcation, make sure you keep your device away from the gaze of your target (friend) and fill in his/her details.



2: After the details of the unsuspecting victim is entered, click on the button to proceed with the prank, make your friend place his/her finger on the area being showed on the screen of your device



3: After scanning the finger for sometime, the app busily searches facebook, twitter and Google to match the profile



4: whoa !! The scan returns the details of your friend accurately, friend is dumbstruck and you seem to be like on cloud nine.



Remember guys, rarely will this prank work on tech savy guys such as ourselves, the moment we hear that the phone scans fingerprints we will know that its a prank. Play it only on those whom you are absolutely sure that they will fall for it, it will be sort of embarassing if it backfires.

Hey and one more thing guys, we would always like to hear from you, if you have any questions for us please submit them in the “Ask a Question” option at the top of this page or you can also submit a comment down here. We believe that communication is best when both the people are involved, do suggest us on improvements, topics, your experiences with this app and may be some cool apps that may be we have not stumbled across. Until next time guys, take care.

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