[AppReview] Fingerprint Lock: The trick behind android app exposed

[AppReview] Fingerprint Lock: The trick behind android app exposed

Most of us would have grown up watching new generation spy movies, amazed and faccinated by the futuristic gizmos that are used in the movies. One of the hi fi gizmos that made a longing impression on us is the fingerprint scanner or fingerprint lock, which used to scan the fingerprints and grants access to only those who were intended to have access.

Another prank app has been born in the vast Android market, Fingerprint lock. The applications under this category claim to unlock your phone after scanning your fingerprint, letting only the intended user to use the phone, that is the owner.A lot of applications that claim to do the same have popped up in the market. Lets take a walk-through of the working of one of the apps….

Step 1: I have installed the Fingerprint Lock by MHedia and when we start the app, this screen pops up


Step 2: Place the thumb of your friend ( not the owner of the phone ) on the indicated area, the app scans the fingerprint for some time and now a fingerprint appears on the screen



Step 3: No matter how many times he tries, he is denied access to the homescreen of your device



Step 4: You take the device from your friend and scan your thumb print and as if a miracle the access is granted to you (owner)


How does it work ?


When you first launch the app, the app will never grant the access no matter how much ever anyone tries. Just give the device to your unsuspecting friend at this point. you take the device from him after a few tries, just lightly tap on the Fingerprint Lock on the top of the screen of your device. Now you scan your fingerprint and you will be granted the access. If your friend asks the device back for another try, just tap on the Fingerprint Lock once more and now acess is denied for all tries.


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