LCD test in Samsung Galaxy S

LCD test in Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung is one of the leading handset manufacturers in the world and Android is one of the fastest upcoming mobile OS. Not too long ago, the combination of these two resulted in one of the best Android devices, named Galaxy S.

Samsung mobiles have some hidden tricks up their sleeve. One such is the LCD test that can be performed on your Samsung Galaxy S. This simple tutorial shows you how to do it.

Step 1: Open the dial pad in your mobile and type in the magic code *#0*#



Step 2: The LCD TEST screen pops up with a lot of options.



Step 3: The various tests are named after the functionalities that they test and are simple and straight forward. Following is the screenshot of the Sensor test.



Just in case if you are stuck in some test and don’t know what to do, just press the home key, the only physical button on your Galaxy S.

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