[Info] Top things Firefox can do and Chrome cannot

[Info] Top things Firefox can do and Chrome cannot

Recently Chrome overtook Firefox, in terms of browser usage percentage over the world. Well, We did have a look into the user browser details who visit www.mytechyard.com, Yes, Chrome leads in the statistics !

Chrome is very efficient and fast browser. We did spend sometime in figuring out about the features which are available only in Firefox, but not in Chrome. Here is the list and explanation.

1. View the image size of any web page

When a image is loaded in any webpage, you can quickly check the complete information of the image such as the image size, image url and the file type of the image.

2. Save and Export browser history

In Firefox, you can easily export your browser history to a HTML file or Sync via online using Firefox sync feature. Chrome does not provide an option to export the history to files , and import it back wherever and whenever you want them. Chrome does store your web search history online if you have linked your Google account to Chrome.

3. Toolbar Customizing

Firefox does provide an option to change the inbuilt toolbar. You can add/remove standard buttons, change the position
of the toolbar buttons. Which is simply not possible in Chrome.

4. Huge collection of about:config parameters

Previously we explained many tweaks for Firefox, most of them were possible only by modifying the configuration parameter of Firefox. Chrome does not have such an option , and we have to rely on the extensions to do the job for us.

(We will be updating this article as soon as we figure out the additional things)

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One thought on “[Info] Top things Firefox can do and Chrome cannot

  1. Hi Nithin,

    One more important thing that Firefox can do is that it can import its bookmarks from a HTML page. Even though Chrome can export its bookmarks as a HTML file, it cannot import bookmarks from a HTML file. You can import bookmarks from other browsers on your system or by syncing it with your Google account.


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