[HowTo] Save Web Pages as PDF

[HowTo] Save Web Pages as PDF

Many times, we may have to save the Web Pages for offline reference. Previously we explained about
Scrap Book, a offline storage utility for Web Pages. Scrapbook is a add on to Firefox.

Scrapbook saves the pages in HTML format, not really easy to carry it in mobile devices, As you need
all the folders, files related to the HTML file to be copied along.

We came across “Save As PDF“, A browser extension which helps you to save any webpage as PDF.
Then you can easily copy this PDF and send it as a email attachment, or store it in your Hard Drive.

This extension is available to both Chrome and Firefox.

Installing to Google Chrome :

– Open This URL In Chrome, and Click on “ADD TO CHROME”

– An icon appears near to the settings button of chrome. Open the required webpage,
and click on it to save the web page as PDF.

Installing to Firefox :

– Open This URL in Firefox, and click on Add to Firefox.

– Restart Firefox.

– Open the web page you want, and Click on the above showed button to save as PDF.

This is how the web page looks after it is saved.

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