[HowTo] Get your old profile id once you create username in Facebook

[HowTo] Get your old profile id once you create username in Facebook

As soon as you create an account in Facebook, your profile will have a URL, which looks something like this


You can also create username for account in Facebook, once you create username , it cannot be changed . And you can access your account by referring to vanity URL ,built on your username , for example


This tutorial explains you , how you can build the old profile URL back to access your Facebook account, Well once you enter the URL, you will be redirected to the URL with your username, but again, both the links can be used to access your profile.

Steps for Firefox:

– Log in to Facebook, If you have logged in using Firefox, navigate to Tools->Options->Privacy

– Click on Show Cookies

– In the search filter box, write facebook and navigate to the cookie named c_user

The content displayed in the cookie is your profile ID !

Steps for Chrome:

– Login to Facebook, go to Tools->Developer tools

– Under the Resources tab in the console, expand cookies, and open www.facebook.com

– Note the value displayed in front of the cookie c_user

Now, you can re construct your profile ID by just appending the profile ID to the URL


This id can also be found in your album photos, it is the part of the URL of the photo, but there are too many number appended . It is difficult to separate the ID, This is the easy approach

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