[HowTo] Get Desktop alerts for SMS and Missed Calls

[HowTo] Get Desktop alerts for SMS and Missed Calls

In this tutorial, we will explain how you can get the desktop notifications or alerts for the missed calls , incoming calls or the SMSs you receive on your Android phone.

Lot of beautiful application are available in Android Market. Mighty Text is a light weight application that allows you to

Get missed call alerts

Get new SMS notifications

Get incoming call alerts

On your desktop. To get the alerts, you need to install Mighty Text Chrome extension, and a very small application for your Android Phone.

First , Install Android application : Click to Download

Install extension for Chrome from here

Once you install these two, You need to sign in to Mighty Text via your Google Account credentials. Signing in is required for both Android Application as well for the Chrome extension.

Provided your Mobile is connected to data network via WiFi , or GPRS/3G . Mighty Text automatically syncs your mobile Inbox with the Chrome Extension. You can access Mighty Text in Chrome, via a simply accessible toolbar button.

Messages are displayed in the threaded view. Also, the message sync works just perfect. The moment you hit send from your PC, the sent message automatically gets added to the respective thread in Mobile.

Threaded message view in the Chrome

Incoming and Missed call alerts.

SMS alerts.

You can immediately reply to the incoming message, it will be sent from your phone.


Your mobile should be connected to data network.

Messages are queued if the browser is not open. And if the message count is greater then a threshold, those messages will not be displayed.

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