[HowTo] Download all your Google Account data with Google Takeout

[HowTo] Download all your Google Account data with Google Takeout

We do use lot of free services offered by Google. So, we do have lot of data in the services linked to our Google Account. The important services like

Google Contacts
Google Docs

Google does provide an option to download all the data that are present in these services. With Google Takeout, you can download all your Photos in Picasa, Documents present in Google Doc, Contacts in Google Contacts.

Steps :

– Open the URL Click Here

– Sign In with your Google Account username and password.

– In the next screen, you can choose to create archive for all the Google services, or you can choose the services by clicking on the “Choose Services”

– For now, We will choose only Google Docs, and Google Contacts.

– The archive creation proceeds, once the archive of the data is ready, You will get a link to download.

– Download your data.

Archive creation takes time depending upon the size of the data you have in the respective service. For example, archive creation for Google Docs
is comparatively faster than Picasa Albums.

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