[HowTo] Appear offline to some friends on Facebook

[HowTo] Appear offline to some friends on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet today. With already a huge fan base and more and more users pouring in day after day, Facebook has gradually come up with new features like timeline, online games etc.

Chat is one of the most used features of Facebook. Sometimes, pings from your friends can annoy you if you are doing something important. You are in a dilemma whether to reply or go offline for all your friends.

This tutorial is aimed at guiding you in a step by step procedure on how to appear offline or online to selected friends on Facebook.


Step 1: Log in to Facebook, login to your chat and click on the name of the online friend for whom you want to appear offline from chat.



Step 2: Click on the setting icons on the popped up window and select appear offline for that friend option. After clicking, you are offline from chat only to that friend.



Step 3: Now you may wonder what to do in order to stay offline for friends who are offline right now but may come online. Click on the settings icon in the main chat window and select advanced settings tab.



Here you get a window with 3 options


Option 1: All friends to see you except… the ones that you add in here



Option 2: Only some friends see you… online



Option 3: No one sees you (go offline)



Step 4: This step is a bonus step, you can create a new list on Facebook, add your friends on to the list as per your specification. The list creation and modification can be done by clicking the lists tab on left side of your Facebook homepage. Now this list is also visible in the chat settings window to add to your show offline or show online list.

Example: I can be online only to my close friends list



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